Saturday, January 31, 2009

A message from an old student .. not that old, yet

man, it is really good to hear from you, some people have told me that you commited suicide, i didnt like that message. i'd just like to know if you actually do remember me, im in year 10 this year so yeah. and also if it isnt too much trouble why did you leave school?
Apparently some in the staff at my school thought it funny to spread the rumor of my suicide. They really are special people that I worked alongside of for thirteen years.
I remembered the student, of course .. even confiscated his rubik's cube a few times. Once, when I didn't, kids asked me why. I said it was because I liked him, and he remembered that. Funny thing was that it was because he did his work .. usually .. and he was a kid, unlike some of those classroom monsters who were harassing the girls for sex (in year 7!!)