Monday, September 15, 2008

Encouragement for a Former Student

There is no such thing as a satisfying degree in terms of study. Study is not natural. One embarks on a course of study with an idea, a vision, of what one wants to do, to achieve. But no one knows what it is that will actually happen.
You can still enjoy what you do, but you shouldn't expect plain sailing. Your vision may still be achieved, but it probably won't match exactly what you had once thought.
I love teaching. I love psychology too. Neither is what you might think it is. I don't know how it might be that you might transfer. I suspect you can get course credit and not have to do every year for the entire B.Ed. course, but four years is a long time, and then you will probably find it isn't any better than your initial choice.
If you complete your current degree, you can do an M. Teach. You might even be able to get a scholarship.
I firmly believe, from experience and observation, that changing course is rarely worthwhile. Your dream will be spoiled again and again, but you can hold those broken fragments (not too tightly) and see your way to the end. The future is also more richly rewarding than what you know or guess.

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