Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sales Pitch LD

Learning Discovery is one of the premier suppliers of Picture Story Books in Australia. Our Picture Story Books and Non Fiction books are library quality with paper and content exceeding standards. We sell at less than half retail price. Our online shop https://learningdiscovery.com.au has our range and options for purchase. We have Non Fiction and Readers as well. We also offer fundraising which involves students and parents we call Discovery Club.

Australian RRP for titles is $16.95 (by market consensus). At Learning Discovery we offer a range of wholesale prices depending on the number of titles purchased. Our prices range from $9.50 to $5.50, but remember no GST is paid by educational institutions, and so, the actual range would be $8.64 to $5. The $5.50 cost is a near 68% savings.

1   - 19 assorted titles are $9.50 each
20 - 39 assorted titles are $8.50 each
40 - 99 assorted titles are $7.50 each
100+    assorted titles are $5.50 each all including GST

Our Promotions
A box of 40 Picture Story Books or Non Fiction. We have an ongoing promotion with no delivery costs to the customer. If you get books you don't want, for any reason, you can send the unwanted books back in the provided box, by just using the included sticker and dropping the box off at an Australia Post office. The minimum charge is $30. This allows our customers to pick and choose from the 40 title selection which is changed twice a year for Picture Story Books and Non Fiction. The cost of the box if all titles are kept is $300, which is $7.50 a title.

Our standard box, which we have always sold, is as the post paid option. Post paid is a little different as it is agreed that the box will be dispatched without a sales team call. The arrangement can be changed by the customer's request at any time.

A box of 40 Picture Story Books or Non Fiction. We have an ongoing promotion with no delivery costs to the customer. Our 40 title selection is changed twice a year for Picture Story Books and Non Fiction. The cost of the box is normally $300, which is $7.50 a title, but we discount it $50, so it becomes $6.25 a title. If a customer selects to have four boxes a year of 40 Picture Story Books and Non Fiction, we further discount it to $220 a box which works out at $5.50 a title, including GST. There is a no returns policy on prepaid.

As we don't have a physical shop front and we send boxes so our customers can see our product. We have in the past accepted returns of entire boxes. We still do, but place a $30 minimum charge as we make a substantial loss on such transactions. The $30 is voided if the customer exceeds that by buying books from the box.

It is anticipated our delivery months for Post Paid and Prepaid will be March and August. Our selection is either non fiction or picture story books.

Discovery Club is a fundraiser which involves students and parents. It works by a parent enlisting online and buying one or two books a month, which is posted to their home in the name of their child. The child gets to open the package and the book/s and a surprise are included. The school (or registered institution) gets a book every three months for each child enlisted. This way the school gets free books and the children get the latest of the world's best picture story books.
Our popular readers are listed and available at the online shop.

Our titles come from world leading publishers, like
Little Tiger Press
Simon and Shuster
Oxford University Press

They are the best in the world. Library quality. Soft back cover, because although hard backs last longer, the cost is too high. We pass our savings onto the customer.

The content meets or exceeds Australian standards. In one of our forty book packages, there will be at least one, probably several books which will be perfect for any child in any group.

If you aren't getting your books from us, you are short changing your clients. Our books also make excellent gifts.
Customers have asked for Australian produced books. We have them. Also expect titles from the US, UK and India. Wherever we can get books that meet our exacting standards.