Monday, November 5, 2012

A little school corruption

Ron Williamson has a personality disorder .. he lies about his experiences. Vanessa K in class of 2000, where I was assistant year adviser was in his General Studies class. She was apparently liked by several people, rumoured to include Garry M. She was doing very badly in two classes I taught, Computer studies and Maths in Practice .. as she rarely showed to class or did work/assessments. I decided I didn't need to fail her, her marks weren't good and she wouldn't impede another's entrance to university. General studies is a 1 unit subject used to make up units, not very important on its own. Ron failed Vanessa. He didn't have any paperwork and I wanted to have Vanessa pass .. she was the only student in her year to fail. I asked Ron about the paperwork and he said it was done, but he couldn't produce it. It is unfair to fail a student without it. But Kathleen Seto backed Ron. Ron told me he followed Vanessa when she wasn't in class to her home and to her boyfriends place. It was a typical Ron lie .. he was supposed to be teaching at those times and if he had seen a student leave school grounds he should have reported it. If Vanessa had complained I'd have had Ron on toast, but she was embarrassed. I brought the issue to Garland who didn't care. During a weekend, someone firebombed Ron's staffroom. It was rumoured to be Garry.

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