Saturday, May 2, 2015

Seriously? Left wing outrage

DBowles post
The Republican plan to establish and fund what would essentially be Christian madrassas throughout Texas. Sickening.
Texas’ proposed school reform would, at least on a limited scale for now, allow taxpayers to opt out of paying taxes to public schools in order to direct their contributions to EAO’s. Those entitie...

Thomas Alexander Reminds me somewhat of what some of Virginia's school districts did in response to integration in the fifties and sixties.

Olivia Hall Fowler I went to private Christian schools between fifth grade until my junior year, so I know what a bad idea this is

Rudy Ch Garcia Only in Tex., back to the 19th Century.

David Bowles The New Confederacy.

Olivia Hall Fowler They tried a similar thing with school vouchers in Louisiana, and immediately dropped it when they realized they couldn't exclude Muslim schools. (I suspect that is the reason for the private funding entities they are trying to establish, but I could be wrong.)

Steve Bergstrom All towards establishing a theocracy.

David Daniel Ball Sounds a tad hyperbolic. Madras schools are the type which underlie almost all Catholic Schools today. They were begun in Madras in the late 1700's when a British orphanage was understaffed and a headmaster took to using students to teach other students. I know that is not what you mean, but the jihadist breeding grounds that don't operate as Islamic schools either but as a parody of schools teaching Islam. I'm sure that isn't what these parents want. I am confident they would like to pay for their children to not be raised in a hostile left wing environment. They would probably prefer their schools celebrated diversity even if some of those were conservative and/or Christian.

David Daniel Ball

Monitorial System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Monitorial System was an education...

Olivia Hall Fowler I spent most of my schooling years in private Christian schools, and I don't think it's hyperbolic at all. I mean, I'm sure I learned the same math, but the science was significantly different. I took five science courses in my two years in public high school in an attempt to make up for the deficiency. And that is beside all the books we were *told about* in Christian school, but not allowed to read. History was also... selective.

Olivia Hall Fowler In Louisiana, there were even catholic schools that used Of People and Pandas as a textbook. Not the good catholic schools (thank you Jesuits for intellectual rigor), but the very fact that catholic education was being infiltrated by anti intellectualism is enough to give one pause.

David Bowles David, state-sponsored fundamentalist religious schools. The bureaucratic undermining of secular education. Texas is turning into the Christian version of a middle-eastern theocracy, step by infuriating step.

Julian Dwyer Fascism is alive and well.

Todd Vick Keep in mind, this is a certain "type" of Christian. Not all Christians fall into this radical camp. I for one do not, and I'm vehemently opposed to these two bills and this whole concept and the nut heads behind it all.

David Bowles Yes, definitely. These are typically fundamentalist far-right prosperity-gospel evangelicals.

Julian Dwyer They also seem to have very deep pockets and even deeper influence, which is why we should be VERY concerned.

Todd Vick The problem stems from the radical ideals of Arthur Laffer. That man has been an economic wrecking ball over the last 25 years. Anything he thinks up usually ends in complete ruin.

David Bowles Sure, but it's compounded by a greedy offshoot of Christianity that equates wealth with piety.

Frank Severino Define entropy: voting for the right not to have to choose anything in life.

Frank Severino Science has already proven: take any random group of 100 persons, and the biggest asshole will become the leader.

Todd Vick That certainly says a lot about the other 99 people, huh?

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