Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas, my Daughter. Now about God ..

It is Christmas time, and you are working very hard, as you always do. You have a vision of what you want your life to be and you aren't afraid of work. It would be wrong headed of me to say you work too hard, and are missing out on things. You know your sacrifices. You know you are a good person and you don't see the need for God.

But that is true of all of mankind's history. The need for God in good times, when life is abundant, is not apparent. The need for God when things fall apart is bitter. But God is there all the time.

The Bible recounts how God gradually revealed himself to Mankind. Not in terms that physicists, chemists or astronomers can prove or disprove, but according to scripture he "fattened" the universe in creation. That is confusing to scientists who cannot find any such thing beside a big bang, and they are confident God did not do that. But science is not what God uses to introduce himself to man. He uses about forty faithful people over nearly a thousand years.

Archaeologists find evidence that corresponds with salient bits. Not evidence of space ships, but people and places where they were said to be when they were said to be. Peoples that don't eat pigs and peoples that do. At first the history was spoken by mouth, but later written down. Some times, the writing is absurd to the scientific mind. The story of Jonah and the whale is absurd, but archaeology places the civilisations and their influences occurring at that time. It was prophetic, as after it was written, it came true. A semi converted people overthrew the Jewish kingdom and took them into slavery. God had revealed himself to his people, and punished them as he had promised.

God moves powerfully in your life. You are doing a lot of work and don't need to acknowledge him, because although times are very tough for you, it is going the right way. But even if everything happens the way you want. And you have a beautiful family and loving husband, then there will be much you can lose. And when that happens, it won't be your fault. And you will want God in your life.

I'm not trying to change you. I'm not asking you to stop persevering. I want you to know who God is, my daughter, because he is very important to you. And I want you two to get to know each other because, in life, you can be very good friends.

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