Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Years Day is about Hope

My Daughter, the third video is on the Holy Spirit. Your life is a blessing to me. Seeing you play with young children is a promise, a hope, I never had before you. And so I share this with you, so that you may know me, and know My God, the Father.

It is not part of the school curriculum to know, but New Years day in the west is a follow on from Christmas, the birth of Jesus. New Years is six days after Christmas Day, when traditionally Jews would circumcise their male babies. It is Symbolic of Jesus coming into His inheritance.

The idea of one God having three aspects each of which may be unaware of the other's knowledge is confusing. Christians insist there is only one God. The Bible never mentions a trinity, but that is how scholars have determined it should be read since the 4th century.

When Jesus first rose from the dead He went to talk to his followers. He appeared in many places at the same time and offered numerous proofs. Then he instructed his followers to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit which was to be Him after he went to heaven to be with the Father. The disciples did as He asked and when they began to proclaim his victory through Resurrection, the time was called the Pentecost.

During Pentecost, the disciples went about proclaiming salvation through Jesus. Many were convicted of the truth of it, and many were healed in the name of Jesus.

In years to come, the church grew. It was felt that Pentecost was something that was part of the Church's past. But some Jewish groups in the sixteenth century began a tradition of worship taken up by Pentecostal Christians in the late nineteenth century in USA. And that is part of the tradition I'm part of with Jesus Family Cabramatta.

God is real, and active. And active in your life. He offers you love and salvation. He has blessed you. You have had good fortune, and also struggled very hard to achieve what you have. Are they not blessings to you? There is more. He calls for you. He loves you. He has given his only son so that you may be before Him. Have hope.

Happy New Year.

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