Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, my Daughter, now about Jesus

People may excuse me for bragging about my daughter. She is perfect. She works hard and studies assiduously. I love her and should be talking to her on her birthday, and not just posting a video to the world. But it is precisely because I want to be a good father I am telling her about Jesus. On her birthday.

Jesus is impossible. He is God and can do the impossible. And a long time ago he did some amazing things that changed the world.

Firstly, he was born and raised as an ordinary person. In accordance with prophecy. Scriptures had been written which said who he was and how he would come. But like much prophecy, it wasn't understood when it was happening.

The second thing about Jesus was, it was his task to show who he was. He performed numerous miracles to show his authority. There were many witnesses to his public acts.

The third thing about Jesus is that he had a life mission. God the father wants his people to love him and be blessed by him. But he has given us free will, and in our lives we push him away and ignore him. This is bad because heaven is near God so if you aren't near God you don't go to heaven. But God wants to be near you and does not want you to be eternally separated from him. So Jesus' mission was to bridge the gap.

Part of life at the time for the faithful was to acknowledge they had fallen short of God's will for them and to sacrifice animals to atone for that. Jesus did nothing wrong, but he challenged the authorities and tested their limits. They had no right to do so, they tortured him and crucified him in accordance with prophecy, and killed him. And although the authorities had been forewarned and had taken steps to prevent a hoax, Jesus rose from the dead in accordance with scriptures.

The disciples of Jesus had been forewarned, but hadn't immediately understood. The resurrection of Jesus, after his sacrifice, allows those who are distant from God to get close to him, through calling on Jesus.

My sharing this does not change me or you. I expect you to work hard and keep studying while you must. I love you, daughter. Happy birthday. And may your year have many blessings.

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