Monday, June 10, 2013

Pauline Hanson sympathisers and bigots

This is typical of Hanson's bigotry .. she also opposed the Pacific Solution which actually worked until Gillard/Rudd weakened it. I don't blame people for wanting to come to Australia. I blame a bad government for putting in place bigoted murderous policy under the guise of compassion.

...and more deaths this weekend - the navy has ended their search with dozens still missing.

Please share, these facts have astounded people.

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  • Cam Kret Which of the facts do you disagree with ? They look reasonably accurate to me ?

  • Eric Emitts Mitton II Hanson for PM

  • David Daniel Ball The reason why people get cynical about politicians .. cynical exploitation of suffering. Hanson offers no solutions to her dog whistle calling for bigoted support .. where among the facts do you see a policy that is workable?

  • Cam Kret I don't disagree with any of the solutions either to be honest. In fact I'd go harder on cutting Indonesian aid and refocusing it into Indonesian border control. If you stopped them getting into Indonesia we wouldn't have a problem. Maybe send Australian immigration there to train them, upgrade thei it capabilities to capture passport information to assist identifying refugees when they get to Australia etc .

  • Cam Kret She has solutions - and it starts with full implementation of the Howard era policies. I'm not a fan of Hanson but I don't see anything bigoted here.

  • Brian Palmer Agree with Cam. Bring back what worked and if Hanson says bring back Howards border protection scheme so be it.

  • Eric Emitts Mitton II with any risk there will always be accidents

  • Eric Emitts Mitton II I have the privilege of living in a country in which my fore fathers had already fought for freedom, so when I hear of others who have not fought for freedom for their country and try to skip all that and think that they can forcefully enter another peoples country illegally I get what it feels like the "HULK" emotions, then I DO NOT care for them nor if they die, and I don't care the reason behind it, all I say is F!@# OFF.

  • Jon Dougherty Come on guys if you can't see that pauline has matured bait politically you need to have a better look she is a voice of reason in Australian politics at this point labour are completely fucked and I don't know that abott can be trusted and Pauline's views on immigration are right were we need them to be. She's also very anti agenda 21 but I'm still trying to read up and get my head around that bag of tripe.

  • Michael Davis While I think that there are arguments about whether people have the means to fight for their freedom in countries where they are ethnic or religious minorities and the regime has taken their weapons off them, at the end of the day Australia needs to be able to regulate and control our borders as firmly as we can and if that means stopping all boat-people who lack paperwork at the borders, so be it. Given the crisis we are facing now, it's probably the only sensible option. I don't personally know how true Pauline's point about people destroying their paperwork only when they get to Indonesia is, but if true, it only strengthens the argument she is making. I remember once the journalist daughter of a Jewish refugee from Europe (from the Holocaust) was interviewed about border protection issues which she had been reporting on and she said it would have been unthinkable for Jewish refugees to destroy their paperwork, regardless of the risks, as the risks of being sent back without paperwork were considered the greater danger at the time. I wonder what the difference is now?

  • Michael Davis I don't think any of Pauline's arguments could be considered racist or bigoted for that matter

  • David Daniel Ball like the independents, Gillard and Rudd who claimed to be conservative before election, Hanson is not conservative .. give her power and she will behave stupidly. She did that before.

  • Jon Dougherty None of the boat people are asylum seekers they travel long distances to get to indo to throw their docs and jump on a boat many of them fly and many of them stop in multiple counties before indo. They're not they are criminals blow the lot out of the water and throw in a bucket of pigs blood

  • David Daniel Ball Jon, you write like a Hanson supporter .. not a Liberal supporter

  • Jon Dougherty No I love my country, my culture and the values real Aussies have. That is where my passion comes from David. I will never support the importation of human scum. Their are plenty of countries with heaps of persecuted Christians Hindus Jews that would probably love to be here and fit in quite well yet we don't defend our country from known criminal que jumping scum. I have been a strong lib supporter for a long time and yes I will vote for Pauline she is great and I think she will fit in well in the senate and will protect the things that I am concerned about. Go Pauline. But my supporting Pauline has fuck all to do with my views

  • David Daniel Ball You were supposed to argue it, not prove it.

  • David Daniel Ball
    Entirely by accident, Labor backbencher Laurie Ferguson may have come up with a perfect device for calming Australia’s continuing racism anxieties.

  • David Daniel Ball Stephanie AnnMandy McleanJohn Tran, I've never really had to worry how to prove who the bigots were or what they believed. Krong show themselves!

  • Cam Kret I'm a liberal supporter and I agree with the views. Very few are genuine refugees within the meaning of the treaty because we are geographically distant and the treaty is not supposed to allow country shopping. What it does highlight is the degree to which our assessment process is filled with leftie lovies with a "let em all in" attitude. Julie bishop said it best on q&a - why don't you care about all those awaiting processing lawfully in refugee camps. Those are the real refugees and the major victims of the alp roll back if the Howard policy

  • Jon Dougherty I'm not a racist Islam is neither a race or religion

  • Michael Davis Islam was a violent, nationalist ideology in the 600's and 1400 years later nothing has changed. Australia needs a Coast Guard whose job is solely to protect our northern borders, that's one policy from the ALP (from the Beazley era) I actually agree with

  • Michael Davis It has changed actually, it's now a violent internationalist ideology of oppression and conquest

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